This presentation is designed & built/modified by The Chopping Block, Inc. and based upon an HTML5 slide presentation created by Marcin Wichary and Ernest Delgado. Source code for the HTML5 slides is available within a code repository at code.google.com/p/html5-slides.

The purpose of the presentation is to present well-formed technique, design solutions and inspiration to designers looking to work online. HTML5 was selected as the presentation engine because it is seemingly the right time to do so. A lot of designers/developers were inspired by the HTML5 slides built by Marcin & Ernest, our goal was to add some web fonts and make it look nice.

"The presentation was originally meant to run in Google Chrome. Some experimental features might or might not be coded to run in other browsers for now. (Although you will cry out of happiness when you see so much running in IE with the Chrome Frame plug-in)"

More information about this presentation and our other HTML5 design projects can be found at blog.choppingblock.com.